Flavorosa is the earliest season Pluot in Tiny's Orchard (first week of July) tasting much like plum concentrate with dark red flesh.  LATE JUNE Flavor Supreme is harvested a few days after Flavorosa approx July 10-15 each year.  Don't let the green skin fool you!  Incredible flavor!  One of the best tasting pluots. EARLY JULY Flavor Queen harvest falls in late August.  This pluot is the sweetest of all pluot varieties but due to its tender skin cannot be sold to retail stores.  LATE AUGUST Dapple Dandy (aka Dino Egg) is the original plum/apricot hybrid developed in the late 1980's.  Excellent flavor. EARLY TO MID SEPTEMBER
Flavor King looks very much like an ordinary plum but with extraordinary flavor.  Although tending to a smaller size, this pluot has concentrated plum-like flavor. EARLY SEPTEMBER Flavor Grenade is harvested between Sept 10th and Sept 30th and has a crunchy texture much like an apple.  Even when soft, it maintains an unmistakeable crunch. MID SEPTEMBER Flavor Heart is aptly named with a very pronounced heart-like shape. Ripens very quickly and has a very short shelf life so must be eaten when soft.  FIRST WEEK OF SEPTEMBER Flavorich is the latest of all pluot varieties and is harvested in late September.  It has orange flesh and a crunchy texture and a very nice sugar/acid balance.  Will last at room temp up to a month.  LATE SEPTEMBER

 What's a pluot anyway?   A pluot is a cross between a plum and an apricot and is developed by intentionally touching the pistol of an apricot with the pollen of a plum.  This process is repeated several thousand times by researchers and the pit of the resulting fruit is planted and grown to maturity.  Out of several thousand of these processes, perhaps only one or two trees may be worthy of evaluation, neither of which may ultimately prove to be a suitable fruit for the marketplace.