Early Hiromi is the first plum harvested at Tiny's.  Tends to a mild sweet/tart flavor and must be very soft before eating to bring out maximum flavor.  Primarily used at the orchard as a pollinator for Flavor Supreme and Flavorosa Pluots. MID JULY Santa Rosa is one of the best pollinators for any variety of plum or pluot and is a traditional heirloom favorite with a sweet/tangy flavor that is unmistakably Santa Rosa.  It is the gold standard in the plum world and is harvested over a three week period starting in mid-July at Tiny's.   EARLY AUGUST Cherry Plums have an incredible resemblance to cherries and are easily mistaken even by seasoned cherry lovers.  This variety is new to Tiny's this year and should be in ample supply for next year's Farmers Market and CSA season.  Harvested in the month of July. MID AUGUST The Sun Plum is another pluot pollinator with mild plum flavor and tending to sweeten if left at room temperature for two to three days. Harvested at Tiny's in late July in limited quantities. MID AUGUST
Hiromi Gold is harvested at approximately the same time as its red counterpart Hiromi Red the first part of September.  This plum is loaded with incredible flavor and can be eaten green as shown above or left to sweeten to absolute perfection.  Although used primarily as a pollinator, Hiromi Gold ranks highest in flavor of all plums grown at Tiny's. EARLY SEPTEMBER Hiromi Red is the largest plum grown at Tiny's and may be the largest plum grown anywhere with size as large as a medium-sized apple.  When left to full maturity, this plum ranks highest in sweetness and complexity of all plums at Tiny's.  Normally harvested the first week of September in very limited quantities.  MID SEPTEMBER Angelino is a very late season plum harvested the end of September to early October and is used to pollinate late-season pluot varieties like Flavorich and Flavorfall.  Flavor is excellent when left to soften and flesh is a bleeding red color when fully mature.  EARLY OCTOBER