Sugartime Peach is the earliest variety harvested at Tiny's.  A yellow flesh, low acid treat, this peach is harvested alongside Rainier cherries. LATE JUNE
Spring Snow Peach is a white flesh, low acid variety that tastes sweet eaten crunchy or soft.  Harvested at about the same time as Lapins Cherries and almost as sweet!  EARLY JULY Sweet Scarlet Peach a low acid yellow flesh peach with an old fashioned traditional peach flavor. This peach can be eaten like an apple or allowed to soften over a few days.  Tastes great either way. MID JULY Donut Peaches are Tiny's top seller at all Farmers Markets and to the wholesale trade as well.  White flesh and super sweet, these beauties are harvested mid summer right through Labor Day.  LATE JULY THRU EARLY SEPT
Sweet Dream is the largest entry in Tiny's peach lineup.  An exceptional low acid, yellow flesh peach developed in the mid 90's and planted extensively throughout the Western US.  MID TO LATE AUGUST
Blushingstar Peach is a white flesh variety and one of the originals grown at Tiny's.  First planted as a commercial selection in 1997, the Blushingstar has been a rising star at Tiny's Farmers Markets and the CSA Program.  LATE AUGUST Golden Princess low acid yellow has the longest harvest window of all peaches at Tiny's beginning with an initial pick of a few ripe peaches in late August and a last picking in mid to late September.  LATE AUGUST TO MID SEPTEMBER Indian Blood Heirloom Peach is a bleeding flesh peach originally grown by Thomas Jefferson as the 'black plum peach of Georgia'.  Mottled red flesh with scarlet, tiger-like stripes. A fine peach to eat out of hand but was mostly used for pickling and preserving in the 1700's.   MID SEPTEMBER
September Sun is a classic medium acid yellow flesh freestone peach ideal for eating out of hand or canning.  Has more fuzz than most modern varieties and must be soft before eating.  MID SEPTEMBER
Sweet September Peach is the latest peach variety grown at Tiny's and is a low acid yellow that can be eaten hard or soft. Intentionally bred and developed for the late season market by Floyd Zaiger.  EARLY OCTOBER