Polar Lite is a recent introduction to the farm and in very limited quantities at the present time.  It is a white flesh, low acid, medium size, clingstone nectarine with excellent flavor.  LATE JUNE

Arctic Star is the second variety harvested at the farm.  It is a white flesh clingstone variety developed especially for the early market.  Low acid and very sweet and juicy and can be eaten firm or soft. EARLY JULY

Zee Fire is a low acid traditional yellow flesh clingstone selection with intense nectarine flavor and color and tending toward medium size. It is a juicy variety when soft and can also be eaten firm. 


Honey Fire is one of the most exciting varieties grown on the farm and is a relatively new nectarine introduction.  It is a yellow flesh medium acid clingstone that can be eaten hard or soft . LATE JULY
Arctic Snow is a low acid, white flesh freestone selection with excellent nectarine flavor and can be eaten hard like an apple or soft like a traditional nectarine.  Very juicy and very sweet when soft.  EARLY SEPTEMBER Western Sweet is a new introduction to the farm and is a low acid, yellow clingstone variety with amazing flavor.  Think of the best nectarine you ever ate and multiply by two!  MID SEPTEMBER

Arctic Snow is a white flesh, low acid freestone and is the last nectarine harvested at the farm. It has all the characteristics of most white flesh varieties but with a much more intense flavor.