Shamrock is the first apple harvested at the orchard usually in late July or early August.  A tangy early season favorite with an excellent acid/sweet ratio.   EARLY AUGUST Gala is fast becoming one of the best aromatic favorites of Tiny's customers.  Originally developed in New Zealand, this apple has caught on in a big way in the US. Firm, juicy, fine textured with yellow white flesh.  MID AUGUST Honeycrisp is the most anticipated apple Tiny's grows.  Crunchy, juicy, slightly tart and good overall sweetness make this a market favorite.  Developed at the University of Minnesota.  MID SEPTEMBER *Hawaii is a newcomer to Tiny's orchard and harvest is limited in production at the present time.  A gourmet dessert apple with flavor and aroma like pineapple. Sweet flavor is largely influenced by Gravenstein. MID SEPTEMBER
*Honeycrunch is a surprise addition to the Tiny's lineup.  This apple appeared suddenly in one of Tiny's apple blocks and rivals Honeycrisp in flavor but is much juicier and has a stronger acid-sweet ratio.  Still in very limited production.  MID SEPTEMBER Golden Delicious Large conical golden yellow fruit. Firm, crisp, juicy, flavorful flesh. Mild sweet distinctive flavor. High quality all purpose apple.  Has been in production for more than 80 years.  LATE SEPTEMBER *Golden Russet is limited to only three trees at Tiny's orchard this season but will increase to 30+ trees after grafting next spring.  This apple has an extremely high sugar/acid ratio and will store for months at a time in your refrigerator. MID OCTOBER Braeburn is the apple for those who want an apple that 'bites back'.  High in acid at harvest and mellowing somewhat in storage, this apple has reasonable storage life but will quickly go to mush if left at room temperature for too long.  MID OCTOBER
*Arkansas Black is another apple in limited production at Tiny's. Dark purplish red apple that turns nearly black at maturity. Waxy skin. Crisp, juicy, very firm, yellow flesh. Distinctive aromatic flavor lends itself well to cider blending. MID OCTOBER Fuji is an apple with a huge following in Japan where it originated. Crisp, juicy slightly subacid white flesh with outstanding texture and excellent storage life.  Never goes mushy even at room temperature for a month although flavor changes somewhat.  LATE OCTOBER *Spitzenburg is a late season utility apple which mellows with age.  Has reasonable storage life but is best when eaten within a month of harvest. Improves radically with storage, best at Christmas. Thomas Jefferson's favorite apple. Dessert apple for connoisseurs. LATE OCTOBER *Pink Lady, one of the new breed of apples developed at the Western Australian breeding program.  Excellent eating, never mushes and stores almost forever (at least four months in your refrigerator, one month on your counter without losing flavor).  EARLY NOVEMBER
*CSA Program members only